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In a marketplace where companies heavily compete in acquiring and retaining the same consumers and clients, the need for agile and flexible software solutions for delivering a loyalty management strategy becomes paramount. Unifying Loyalty Management and Customer Relationship Management, both in terms of strategy and systems, increases the success of client acquisition and retention programs. dotLMS is Dot.Cy’s Loyalty Management Solution based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and includes a member portal, where the client can access and manage his points and request points redemption by placing gift orders. It also includes a partner portal, where partners can access and manage their inventory and fulfill the received gift orders. It covers the complete lifecycle of Loyalty management, from member acquisition and retention to client behavior and loyalty program performance analytics. dotLMS provides a unified platform to cater for loyalty management, sales and marketing automation, and customer care, all acting in a single data repository thus avoiding complex integrations and data inaccuracies.

The provided rule-based engine for defining personalized and innovative promotions in an intuitive manner dramatically decreases the complexity traditionally associated with such processes. Multi-language and multi-currency support, a rich set of APIs, native Microsoft Office integration, an embedded workflow engine, and a rich set of analytics and dashboards provide the answer to the needs of any organization looking to upgrade or introduce a Loyalty management platform.

Transaction Management
Configuring transaction types is parametric in dotLMS. Points per Point Type per Transaction can be defined using the promotion rules engine. Point calculations are linked to the original transaction record thus providing detailed auditing functionality. Multi-currency and multi-channel transactions are fully supported.
Redemptions Management
Multi-currency redemptions management features allow multiple modes of payment combining loyalty points and cash in any combination and with multi-currency support. Different product prices depending on membership tier and other parameters can be defined. Voucher, cash-back and coupon management as well as the ability for instant redemptions are standard features. Redemptions can be processed in real-time from on location shops, the call center, the member portal, or any other available channel.
User Interface & Productivity
Dynamics CRM can operate from within Microsoft Outlook, with over 500 million Outlook users worldwide, any major web browser or mobile device. Embedded KPIs, dashboard designers, report wizards and a wealth of out of the box reports and visualizations bring business intelligence at your fingertips. And with a user friendly interface and the choice of solution language, you will be providing your people with a leading CRM solution that is the most convenient for everyone.
Membership Management
dotLMS’s core is the membership management module. A 360 degree view of a member enables users to better visualize and understand purchasing patterns, behavioral characteristics, and transactional interactions. Members can be created manually or through automated web service integrations. Member types include individual, household and corporate memberships and a member can participate simultaneously in multiple loyalty programs.

Member interactions originating from any of the available channels (web site, call center, point of sale, mobile, social media), point transfers, accruals, redemptions, member preferences, complaints and others are managed from an intuitive user interface. Natural language queries can be defined to instantly segment members by attributes such as tier, citizenship, gender, age and any other captured attribute. Partner management allows the definition of loyalty partners, point conversion rules, partner program promotions, point and cash reconciliations as well as partner interactions and relationship management.
Loyalty Program Promotions
dotLMS comes with a rule-based engine for the modelling of long-term as well as tactical promotions. Business users can set up triggers and actions for defining point accruals and other member benefits. When multiple promotions are triggered for a single transaction, the highest point-earning promotion can be applied. Rules can include constraints such as participating outlets, partners, transaction types, amount or time range-base definitions and others.
Loyalty Program Management
dotLMS Loyalty Program definition engine allows the management of multiple programs from within the same platform. Once the program objectives are identified, several intuitive tools are used for defining the program characteristics. Using Tier Management, unlimited number of tiers having different expiry and upgrade/downgrade rules and characteristics are defined.

Multi-currency Point Type definitions allow for the management of point expiration policies and eligibility rules, and support qualifying/non-qualifying points as well as partner points. Point transfers to and from partners along with the mapping of points with Partner Points/Miles per point type are monitored via the specialized module for partner management.

Other Key Features

  1. Role based security to control record level and field level actions
  2. Comprehensive data auditing engine
  3. Full campaign management for online and offline campaigns
  4. Support for triggered email campaigns
  5. Point and click configurations
  6. Native Microsoft SharePoint integration
  7. Member and prospect profile scoring calculations for improving member data quality
  8. Call center interface
  9. Web service based APIs for ready and robust integration with external systems.

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